The Deca Tapes x Podcast Fest Amsterdam

Lex explained his take on promoting a podcast as a newcomer without any marketing budget at this year’s Podcast Festival in Amsterdam. A big thank you to all of you coming out to check out the talk and asking great questions.

The Deca Tapes x De Podcast Club NL

All Dutchies can listen to the whole conversation about creating The Deca Tapes here. It was recorded in front of a live audience in Amsterdam. And it features part of a deleted scene!

Discover Pods names TDT one of 2019's best.

Discover Pods asked several podcast industry heroes about their favorite podcasts of 2019. Many great podcasts in this list. And we are very thankful to be included. Thank you all for helping us spread the truth. Click here to check it out.

Live Interview on TDT in Amsterdam tonight

Tonight (June 13th), Lex Noteboom will be talking about creating The Deca Tapes with The Podcast club. The interview will be conducted in front of a live audience at the Torpedo Theatre in Amsterdam.

The talk will take about two hours and it will be in Dutch. If you are interested in attending, click here.

Two part audio documentary on creating The Deca Tapes

Evan of One Thing Real Quick created a two part audio documentary about Lex’ process of creating The Deca Tapes podcast. It consists of phone calls and WhatsApp recordings made during the eight weeks of releasing the show. If you want to check it out, go here.

TDT got nominated for a Dutch Podcast Award.

The Deca Tapes has been nominated for a Dutch Podcast Award for best story. We need your vote one last time to try and get that award. Winning would mean lots and lots of Dutchies will learn about the DECA group's true intentions. And that's what all of us want, right? You don't want innocent people to suffer, right? Click here.

All will be revealed

On the final tape, we hear from The Mystery Function himself. According to the note that was found on our editor's desk, we won't receive any more tapes after this. A total of eight tapes were stolen from the DECA slow ship. This is it. And we can confirm that this final tape answers  our remaining questions: Who killed The Entertainer? What can The Cook do to save herself, knowing what she now knows? And how did these tapes get to us? It's all on there. 

Finally we learn the truth

We have decided to leak tape 7. This tape is made by a man who calls himself The Farmer. There was absolutely no debate amongst the remaining Truth Crusaders if the world should hear these recordings. Finally we learn the truth. Finally you can learn the truth. And finally you can share the truth with all of your friends, family and co-workers. The brave ones, at least. 

We underestimated them

We have decided to leak tape 6. This tape is made by a man who calls himself 'The Fixer’. On this tape, The Mystery Function finally reveals what his real role is. We thought he was a warden, or something like that. But we underestimated the DECA Group. They have more tricks up their sleeve.  

In other news: The Deca Tapes will be featured in the Dutch movie magazine 'Schokkend Nieuws'. They are willing to put their jobs on the line to help spread the truth. It's because of brave people like them, that we broke 10k downloads this weekend. Next stop: 100k. 

If you want to see The DECA Group struggling to keep their story straight in spite of our following growing, go look for them on Twitter over at @thedecagroup. They are trying to get in on the conversation there and defuse it.

Can you hear the voices?

Two of our remaining journalists have been sent home. We might take them back, but they have to rest. Both of them claimed to hear voices on the fifth tape. Not just the Communicator's voice but other voices, in the background. Whispering voices trying to tell them something. They are probably just tired. But just to be sure: be careful with this tape. Some people might start hearing the voices. 


Truth Crusader – Where nothing is more sacred than the truth.

Tape 4: There is blood on this one.

We have decided to leak tape 4. This tape is made by a woman, who calls herself ‘The Doctor’.  We must warn you: there is blood on this tape. The Doctor investigates the body, to try and solve the murder. So put the children to bed before playing this on the stereo.


In other news: we've broken 5k listeners. With more than a thousand listens on each episode so far. That's good, but it isn't good enough. We need the whole world to hear this and be outraged. That's why we need your help to get nominated for the BNR podcast awards. To do that you go here and you fill in the name of our podcast 'The Deca Tapes' and the link leading to the episodes, which is

A.V. Club Reviews The Deca Tapes

An overwhelming amount of people are listening to the leaked tapes. That's very encouraging to us. Life in hiding isn't easy. But opening the iTunes charts and seeing our work at the top of the charts, keeps us going. 

Another thing that keeps us going is getting good reviews. Like this one the kind people over The A.V. Club wrote a very kind review about our efforts. Go here and scroll down till you find us. 

She isn't insane

We have decided to leak the third tape that got stolen from The D.E.C.A. Group. This tape is made by a woman, who calls herself ‘The Cook’. For a while we wondered if there was any use in leaking this tape particular recording. The women on the tape seems completely insane. Rambling and unable to control her thoughts. But after listening to it a few more times, more and more of us started hearing what she was trying to say. Just like The Teacher said last week: This women isn't insane. She's waking up.

The Cook trying to force the truth into the light. Just like us. Just like you should do. Don't you want the truth out there? You do, right? So help us by spreading the podcast to all of your friends and all of your family. Your colleagues. Just stop random people in the street and grab their smart phone and subscribe them to The Deca Tapes Podcast. Do it now!  

Truth Crusader - Where nothing is more sacred than the truth.