She isn't insane


We have decided to leak the third tape that got stolen from The D.E.C.A. Group. This tape is made by a woman, who calls herself ‘The Cook’. For a while we wondered if there was any use in leaking this tape particular recording. The women on the tape seems completely insane. Rambling and unable to control her thoughts. But after listening to it a few more times, more and more of us started hearing what she was trying to say. Just like The Teacher said last week: This women isn't insane. She's waking up.

The Cook trying to force the truth into the light. Just like us. Just like you should do. Don't you want the truth out there? You do, right? So help us by spreading the podcast to all of your friends and all of your family. Your colleagues. Just stop random people in the street and grab their smart phone and subscribe them to The Deca Tapes Podcast. Do it now!  

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