We underestimated them


We have decided to leak tape 6. This tape is made by a man who calls himself 'The Fixer’. On this tape, The Mystery Function finally reveals what his real role is. We thought he was a warden, or something like that. But we underestimated the DECA Group. They have more tricks up their sleeve.  

In other news: The Deca Tapes will be featured in the Dutch movie magazine 'Schokkend Nieuws'. They are willing to put their jobs on the line to help spread the truth. It's because of brave people like them, that we broke 10k downloads this weekend. Next stop: 100k. 

If you want to see The DECA Group struggling to keep their story straight in spite of our following growing, go look for them on Twitter over at @thedecagroup. They are trying to get in on the conversation there and defuse it.