The Truth is Winning

In other news: this week we are a featured podcast in the UK on Castbox. The men and women over at Castbox are very brave. And we’ve come in at #1 in the iTunes new and noteworthy list for arts. Which means you are brave, also! Podcast Junkie was awesome enough to open a discord for fans of the show to discuss their take on the story. You can join in here. A discord for the brave. 

Half our team is gone

We have decided to leak tape 2. This tape is made by a woman, who calls herself ‘The Teacher’. It reveals much more of the chaos these people have to endure. We have to warn you, on this tape we hear a very violent event unfolding. 
There was a lot of debate amongst the Truth Crusader journalists about this tape. Half of our team felt it was immoral to broadcast the recordings. They thought only publishing the first one was enough to make our point. But we didn't agree. It isn't enough. We need to let the whole world hear these tapes. DECA group is trying to shut us down. And we need to make sure we get as much of the truth out there as possible, before they do. 

So help us by spreading the podcast to all of your friends and all of your family. Your colleagues. Just stop random people in the street and grab their smart phone and subscribe them to The Deca Tapes Podcast. Do it now!  

Truth Crusader – Where nothing is more sacred than the truth.

Tape 1 has now been leaked

As you know, someone is sending compromising tapes to our office. And we have decided to publish the first one on all podcast platforms. It has been made by a man who simply refers to himself as: The Cleaner.' 


Please help us spread the truth by leaving a rating and a review so we can get the tape into the new & noteworthy section on iTunes. And share the podcast with your bravest friends and family members, so all of them can know the truth. 
There’s lots of very confidential intel coming your way through this newsletter in the near future. Lots more than we can leak onto the podcast platforms without risking chaos in the streets.
Truth Crusader – Where nothing is more sacred than the truth.